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Brand & Graphics Design

Projects associates the brand with the development of a graphical web pages. We refer to the use of photographs, graphics and trademarks. Particularly Important elements are pointed of animation.

Web Designer & Developer

Website design is modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sites are coded according to the new standards, using the latest scripts. They are also subject to extensive testing. Viewing them is possible on all browsers and computing devices.

Business Consultant

When determining the concept and objectives of the project website use the advice of professionals from marketing and online advertising. We make sure that the website actively support business and brand.

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About Us

Our team consists of:
- Graphic Designers,
- Specialists in Animation and Multimedia,
- Web Developers.

Additionally, in the case of advanced projects, team is supported by analysts, specialists in e-marketing, PR and testers.

Creation is our passion and the element for the full of ideas and creative energy of the band Web Studio.

Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us

  • Our websites strengthen brand

    Our websites are modern, distinguished graphic design, comply with the current policy, Google and locate high in the search results. And therefore attract the broad masses of visitors, greatly helping in creating, promoting and consolidating the brand. There are also attractive and professional business card.

  • You will love our Websites

    You have a laptop, tablet or smartphone? In all these devices website will be aesthetic, extended and adapted to the screen. We create responsive websites comply with the policies and guidelines of Google. Thanks to the above features are highly positioned by search engines, especially Google.

  • We Deliver on Time

    The course of cooperation:
    1. send the necessary information and suggestions for the website,
    2. for complex projects require a contract and prepay,
    3. ensure the implementation and testing of the website on time.


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PL Warsaw
Phone : +48 530 828 279
E-mail : mikon @ mail . com

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